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Dear Families of Collierville Schools Students,

Student fees for certain supplies needed for instruction in our schools have been approved by the Collierville Schools Board of Education. This funding helps our schools provide items that are necessary to give your students the best learning experience.  The fee list is posted on both the district website as well as the website of each individual school.

While the instructional fees have been approved by our Board of Education, you do need to know that the Tennessee Law regarding school fees states:

“School systems may request but not require payment of school fees. No fees may be required of any student… as a condition to attending the public school or using its equipment while receiving educational training.”

Fees for extracurricular activities are in a different category from school fees and are required for participation. We have also posted those on the fee list for your access. Any questions about fees may be asked of the administration at each school.

Collierville Schools sincerely appreciates the additional monetary support from our families. Our goal is to make each student’s learning experience the best it can be, and we hope that you will realize the benefit in partnering with our schools with this request. 

Dr. Russell Dyer
Director of Schools