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Bid and RFP Opportunities

Bid and RFP Opportunities

Solicitations listed below are in Adobe Acrobat (Portable Document Format) File and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and/or print. Solicitation submitted must be:

  1. Received in a sealed envelope (time, date, and nature of Bid must be clearly marked on the face of the envelope)
  2. Time-stamped in at the designated location listed in the Bid document, prior to the stated Bid/RFP due date and time on the Bid/RFP document
  3. In its' original format as posted. Any documents (including any applicable addendums) modified/changed/altered from the original posting will be rejected.  

Any exceptions to the document shall be submitted on a separate sheet of paper and included with the submittal.   

Bids/RFPs received after the specified date and time in the Bid/RFP document are considered late and will not be opened. 

Important:  Bid/RFP Addendums

Anyone who downloads any solicitation from this web page must check this page often for any addendums. All addendums must be acknowledged and included with the Bid/RFP at the time of submission. Failure to acknowledge any and all addendums may result in your Bid/RFP being disqualified and rejected.